HOOKUP Triple Teaser – cordless vibrating panty set (black)



Enjoy extremely quiet but powerful vibrations – whenever and wherever!
The Remote Triple Teaser from HookUp Panties is a string without a bum string. An included butt plug is attached to the string. There is also a waterproof vibro-bullet included as well that can be inserted into the butt plug. There is a vaginal plug included as well and the vibro-bullet can be inserted into this plug too.

The whisper quiet but very powerful vibrations pleasure the person wearing the string whenever and wherever – it is extremely discreet pleasure and nobody will notice the wearer’s little secret! The 10 vibration modes can be easily adjusted with the remote control. The remote control has a range of 7.5 m which means that a partner can also use it as well!

The string doesn’t have a bum string. The string is held in place by the plug that is attached to the loop. The plug gets gently pulled and tugged every time a person moves – the anal area gets stimulated in an exciting way.

The vibro-bullet and remote control can be recharged – a USB cable is included.

String size S to L
90% polyester, 10% spandex.
Butt plug 9.4 cm long, base 6.1 cm wide, insertion length 6.6 cm, Ø 3 cm.
Vaginal plug 8.6 cm long, base 7.1 cm wide, insertion length 7.1 cm, Ø max. 3.3 cm. Vibro-bullet 7.6 cm long, Ø 1.8 cm.
Silicone, ABS.

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