LELO F1S V2 Black-Blue



Reasons to love

Double the power – turbo charged for more intense, further reaching vibrations,
Wider range of Sonic intensities – increased range of intensities,
Pliable surface area for deep pleasure – softer and more flexible sleeve for complete comfort,
World’s first open-interface performance console – game changing SDK gives you the ability to shape the future of sex-tech,
State of the Art sensors – provide real-time performance feedback on your speed, stamina and skill,
SenSonic Technology – mind blowing sensation of sonic waves and patented Cruise control technology making it the ultimate act of self love.

SDK available, VR & AR compatible, Bluetooth connected, fully waterproof.

Difference between RED and BLUE: when the product is turned on LED lights are the same color as the sleeve color.

Differences between 1st and 2nd generation:
F1S V2 offers 2x more power – sleeve is redesigned and the interior mechanism distributes the power twice as much,
V2 has a pliable sleeve to provide more comfort,
Wider range of Sonic intensities,
Softer silicone.

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